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wedding favor

Great post! Very informative and a bit surprising. That big bad wolf is really something controversial for those making business out of weddings. They should instead focus in making it one of the most memorable and elegant moments of the bride and groom.


Great post. It sure is funny how so much is put into wedding expenditures when they want to make it took so full of gluttony. I'm surprised they didn't put the first appartment rent, new house and furnishings and really up the numbers. After all the bridal magazines include all that for advertising purposes.


This is a great post. I haven't noticed that wedding planners are singled out as the major culprits. I've been putting out my own analysis of the wedding industry here: http://amidlifeofprivilege.blogspot.com. I've approached it from a high level industry structure approach but am not a domain expert as you are.

Andria of Andria Lewis Events

Awesome post! Thanks for uncovering the truth.

saundra, event engineer

What an awesome post, Sasha!!! I'm going to tweet about it!

Los Angeles wedding limousine

Informative post that consists of good wedding planning. There are some good companies out there can provide excellent service on the wedding day, but may not be able to communicate with you about the details.


Staci Mandikas

Good post! I'm glad to see that someone is pointing out our usefulness! Now, I'm going to go search the bottom of my purse for some loose change for a $5.00 coffee. Let's talk about THAT addictive "big bad wolf!"

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