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I applaud you for sharing your insight. Can we have this written up and nationally syndicated to all our readers? Thanks for a great post!

SEO reseller

Excellent insights. Because of the high competition in the SEO industry, there are a lot of SEO companies that offer services with cheaper prices than before. I think this complicates the process of getting prospect clients more.


Simply put, this is an awesome blog post. I believe you have completely hit the nail on the head with regard to those who chance "bargaining for services." It is true, everything is negotiable, just make sure you're truly ok with the new offer.

G.E. Masana

I just went through this. The couple get back to me admitting they can't find anyone comparable for less as they were hoping to. I offer to do a smaller job for a smaller price to suit their budget, but no, they want it *all* for less. Red flag. They tell me they can't imagine anyone else shooting their wedding - but of course that's just rhetoric because they're looking for others. Certainly a contradiction! And another red flag. So I told them I didn't feel I was the person for them, thanked them and wished them well.

Next time this happens, I'll certainly quote you!

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Andrew Bryant Photography

Brilliant post on overall value for the wedding day. We're right there with you... charge what you're worth and don't underestimate the service you provide. Thanks for posting this!


Someone came to my blog yesterday to try and guilt me with "you get what you pay for." The thing is, there were lots of reasons I didn't even like the venue I was reviewing. And it wasn't because I wanted something MORE luxurious. Just the opposite, I thought the place was too stuffy and formal. So like you say, it's best when a person understands their priorities. I guess that commenter didn't realize that I do!

Rhonda Patton Weddings

The old saying goes, "You get what you pay for".....I have had my share of brides who want platinum for peanuts. My question is, are you looking for someone cheap or are you looking for someone who is competent with a quality product 'cause you can get cheap anywhere! Great illustration Sasha!

Cassandra Bromfield

Somebody had to say it!


excellent post! brides definitely need to really understand this! i'm sharing it with my nashville brides, blog readers.


Well said. You do get what you pay for. With anything if you go for the cheaper product it may or may not add up to your expectation. Something to always keep in mind.

Shannon Leahy

great post! and so true. i'm just going direct people to this post from now on whenever this comes up!

bride to be

Thanks for the info. Sometimes it is really difficult to find things brides want without the anxiety of spending too much.

C plus N

Great post,

I recently let go of a potential client because she kept price haggling again and again and again. We originally gave a %50 discount because she was a friend of my partner. Even after that she would try to get it down by $50, or $100, I kept cutting out items and lowering the price to try and please her....eventually I gave up!

I was finally honest with her and said it was hard for me to be excited about the project because all she focused on was our price and not our work.

Thank you !

JIll Johnson

Sasha well put and I hope future bride and grooms begin to understand, along with fellow vendors who keep undercutting the industry. I love your little quizzical insert of your thoughts. Great visual for a phone conversation

Denise Silverman

You blew us away when you came to Austin to share your experiences and philosophies with our industry. We consistently refer back to the lessons we learned from you that evening. And you've done it again here. We've shared this post with our entire team and I've printed it out and hung it on my wall. Thank you for your wisdom and candor!


This is my new favorite piece of wisdom form you! It had inched ahead of - calling carnations mini peonies. Genius as always!

Robbie Schlosser

Hi Sasha,

Thanks for your inspiring presentation at Silicon Valley NACE yesterday, and thanks for referring to this eloquent blogpost about valuing our time, skill, and artistry. It's a good dose of powerful medicine -- especially for people who aren't used to haggling. (They're the ones who tremble when a client screams, "WHAT!", no matter what fee you quote them.)

"Let Me Clarify" is the perfect title, and I look forward to your future posts!


I love you, excellent, to the point but so sweetly put! Thank you.

Juliet Douglas

Excellent post Sasha! I love the way you explained it.


I had to say something similar many times when I was in business. Too bad I didn't have this to send to people who were trying to get something for nothing. Very well said!

Anna-Jeannine "DJ AJ9"

Bless you, Sasha!

I'd hate to ask prospective clients if they'd take less to do their job because of the economy, but that's really what we're talking about, here! Us service providers have mortgages, too!

There are literally dozens of places that brides in our area could get cheaper DJ service than with us, and I've been known to tell them up-front. If you're looking for the lowest bidder -- we're not it.

If you're looking for a high-quality, caring, legitimate business that will help you achieve your goals for the evening and is genuinely interested in your happiness, those professional DJs deserve to be paid a professional wage.

If I "wheel and deal" with clients, it means that our staff takes a pay cut. If our staff takes a pay cut, it likely means that we will not be able to keep the best DJs on staff, and the quality of our service will inherently decline. You get what you pay for!

Heidi @ Zenadia

Sasha this post is SO good!! I loved every word.


My favorite post ever. Thanks Sasha!

Christa Ginsberg

Simply fantastic. So well said, Sasha! I would love, with your permission, to link up with you so that my readers can read this fabulous posting as well?

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