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Oh my gosh - Perfect Petal did the flowers for my wedding this past May (I live in Denver) - and, I just have to gush here - they were phenomenal! I'm so happy to see that you linked to them in your post!

So, here is my little anecdote: Not only was I blown away by the flowers that they put together for my wedding - but, their wedding coordinator was beyond great. First, she was able to perfectly interpret my idea of blue birds somehow placed throughout the wedding ceremony and reception (tons of compliments the whole night from guests.) However, she also went totally above and beyond by helping me out during this pre-wedding cirsis: on my way to an appt. with her, my (2) maids of honor called me (this is 4 weeks before the wedding, mind you) to tell me that they never ordered their dresses, and now they are trying to, but they are sold out completely until re-stocking (a month AFTER my wedding, of course.) I was crushed - not just panicked, but heartbroken that my maids of honor just didn't even bother to get their dresses until 4 weeks prior. Well, I got to the appointment minutes later - gave her a brief synopsis to explain - and she was the best - she had an arrangement made up for me to take home (a surprise to make my day better, and free of charge.) Plus, she even sent me a quick follow up email the next day to say hello and see how I was doing - plus, to tell me that she would do whatever she could to help out on her end if we had to make any last minute changes to the flowers to match new dresses, etc. Never in my life has a floral arrangement, and simple kindness meant so much... after feeling so crushed, it was the world to me. :)

Anyway, I do apologize for the lengthy means of giving Perfect Petal "kudos" - but, when I saw the mention I just had to take the opportunity to give them the huge compliments...

In the end: not only did that wedding coordinator step-up to save the day - but, Perfect Petal helped me create (within my budget!) a wedding that was beautiful, modern, and fantastically creative.

So, cheers to the lengthy kudos!! :)

Maria @ {ritzy bee}

Wow - beautiful! Can't wait for the DC ISES Chapter event this coming Thursday!

Ms Polka Dot

Hey Sasha,
You've been tagged!



Wow - what a BEAUTIFUL event! The DC ISES Chapter's tabletop competition is next week and I can't wait to see what the entrants have put together. Thanks for sharing your photos!

holly hatam

wow...these photos are like they are out of a dream!

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