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Sasha Souza

Hi Jane. All the flowers were done by my company.


Amazing!! I didn't it posted who did the flowers?


I am obsessed with this look now and I am curious what you used to fill the vases in the second most common photo. Thanks!

Ed: I think the stuff is called California Crystals.


I remember this one too! I think I scanned an image from that magazine and used it on my blog long ago. The photos are just fantastic and the color combo was ahead of it's time.

Thanks for sharing the 'behind the scenes'! We don't always appreciate all the hard work that goes into a huge project like that. Just like a real wedding, there's always a dirty underside to every sparkling moment :)


I SO remember that spread - it too, is one of my faves! Chartreuse is my obsessive color, with orange in 2nd place, so I adored that along with the fact that it was pave and LUSH! Very much my personal style (which, as designers, we don't get to express 100% of the time!) I recently did my first big time photoshoot for a national wedding mag, and boy did I learn the hard way about lighting- we did move all the props and flowers around forever as the sun crept across the sky, but somehow the lighting was still too harsh and uneven, and that super nice editor kept trying to give us a chance by asking if we had any better photos, since they loved the design but not the lighting (sigh). Nothing like hundreds of dollars and days of work spent...but at least the photos did make it onto the mag's website, and even better, we have learned our lesson about lighting - be patient, and do not be on a time constraint! We have since then shot a few more shoots for other mags, with better results, but I don't think anyone realizes, (until you pointed it out) what all goes into them! Oh, but to see your hard work in glossy print is fabulous and fun, isn't it? Makes all the work worth it!
I'll labor over my love any day!


These photos are absoluty beautiful! I was hoping you could tell me a little more about the flowers that were used in the photo that you said is the second most common image. I love the tall green flowers but I don't know what they are. Thanks so much!

Ed Note: Those are orchids in the arrangements.

amanda b. young

Wow. This post was AMAZING. I have a whole new appreciation for magazine wedding photos. Thank you so much for sharing all the nitty-gritty details -- I've honestly always wondered. Everything here is simply stunning -- all the hard work that goes in to the these babies certainly shows!

Lara @ Southern Weddings

Sasha, this is one of my favorite spreads of ALL TIME! I still have this in my big binder of favorite wedding clippings from the first time it was published. WOW!!!


You mean nobody actually got married there? It's such a pretty place!

Ed Note: Yes, they hosted two weddings after this shoot but no longer host events at the property.

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